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Sony BMG Settlement

Without even knowing, I purchased one of these "CDs" from Zia's here in town. And I was wondering why the "CD" would not play in my car CD changer.
Now, do I go back & try to get my money back from Zia's, or do I go through the Settlement process?

Hmm, which is more beneficial? Return, or the settlement from Sony/BMG?

From EFFector Vol. 19, No. 11 March 17, 2006 (A Publication of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, ISSN 1062-9424)

Get the Word out About the Sony BMG Settlement

EFF's campaign to help music fans claim their share of the Sony BMG settlement is off to a great start. News reports and EFF's settlement banners have spread around the web, driving over 20,000 hits to our settlement site in one week.

Help us keep the momentum going. Sony BMG won't be held accountable for infecting its customers' computers with dangerous DRM if music fans don't learn about the flawed software, the settlement, and how to submit claims. EFF has created a webpage to guide people through the Sony BMG settlement site, and we've designed several banners that link to this webpage. By posting a banner on your website or blog, you can help music fans protect themselves and get what they deserve.

To get the banners:

To submit your Sony BMG settlement claim:

For litigation documents and frequently asked questions:

Claim your share of the Sony BMG settlement
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