just john (justjohn) wrote in watched,
just john

Unexploded Data Mines

I think Barrons actually thought about the implications of the data mining operation. And they saw right past the things we're initially (quite rightly) getting upset about and looked at the bottom line.

And to take it beyond their points, there's a HUGE opportunity for crooks, here. (What? Crooks in Government jobs? Who'da thunk it?)

First, there's opportunity for sifting all business communications for confidential data that might give advantage to a stock trader. In other words, it's the insider trading angle.

And then, remember all those calls people have made to order goods and services, calls that are handled by call centers in India? Calls where credit card numbers are spoken aloud, along with confirmation numbers?

Identity theft is most often an inside job, done by crook employees of a corporation. But this data mining operation must have provided thousands of Government workers unprecedented access to money data, with no expectation of oversight.

At the very least, EVERYBODY involved in the program should be audited.

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