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Community of the Watched

We see you and you see us

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Who watches the Watchmen? Other Watchmen, of course!

This community wants to be the Surveillance Society's premiere social club.

We invite anybody who is interested in surveillance from any angle. (Pun intended.) We invite people with stories about being watched. We invite people whose jobs involve monitoring surveillance devices.

Our official means of recruitment is to stand in front of a surveillance camera with the community's URL. (Nifty example graphic to be inserted.) Why worry about the middleman? People and their watchers can use these systems to communicate with each other!

The Surveillance Society can help satisfy citizens' needs for fame and for confession. They watch me, therefor I am!

Another thing we want to keep an eye on is the increasingly popular crime of identity theft. As a recent (January 2003) example reminded us, most identity theft is done by "insiders." In the recent example, it was done by employees of H&R Block.